Service:"Lustre Says Relax" Gua Shau + Facial Cupping add another, change

Ah, the power of the gua shau. We just can’t get enough. This ancient Chinese healing technique is all the rage, and for good reason. After an impurities-purging cleansing and a gentle lactic peel to prep the skin, we’ll kick things off with some life force-channelling facial cupping to increase blood flow and diminish fine lines. Next, we’ll work in a gorgeous rosehip C+E firming oil with a smooth-edged jade or rose quartz gua massage tool. Each and every slow and mindful stroke stimulates the microcirculation of the soft tissue, releasing the tension we carry in our jaw, while the skin drinks up all that anti-aging, vitamin-rich goodness. Rejuvenated skin and free-flowing qi? We’re here for it.

Staff: Jennifer Clower
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