Service:“The Ultimate” Lustre Custom Facial add another, change

The Ultimate Lustre Custom Facial is the amped up version of the Custom Facial that allows for more time and utilizes the several advanced treatment add ons.  Take the guess work out of "what would be best for my skin?" In this facial we combine the best treatment for your skin at the time of service.  The facial begins with a personal skin evaluation to assess overall skincare goals. We begin with a deep cleansing and exfoliation followed by treating, renourishing and moisturizing the skin.  We utilize two of the more aggressive procedures like a Glycolic paired with Microdermabrasion, a Lactic Peel alongside Microneedling or Microcurrent with a Microdermabrasion—along with additional calming and healing treatments using top of the line Organic, Cosmecuetical, Medical grade products and ingredients—to achieve optimal results. Extractions are included in this facial as well as a stress relieving face, neck, arm and shoulder massage.  This is the ultimate facial treatment at Lustre.  
Staff: Jennifer Clower
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